We are experts in cloud data processing and storage, with more than 100 systems validated, hosted and working in high performance in our servers on Windows and Linux platforms. We work daily to provide the best cloud experience for our more than 400 customers. Thank you for entrusting your information to our care.

We are passionate about the evolution, confidentiality and stability that cloud can bring to a business. Our equipment is of the latest technology and is hosted in the largest and safest datacenter in Brazil, Equinix.

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eMartim’s Cloud features



All data in our servers are firewall protected, not to mention our security policies and encryption, which guarantees total and real confidentiality of your information. A local server is much more likely to suffer attacks that can not only lead to inaccessibility of your data, but also the leakage of sensitive information. We take care of it 24/7. Soon a detailed page on eMartim’s high security cloud..


The cloud stands out in performance. Our servers have a high performance framework, making services faster, free from interruptions and failures. Does a task need more memory or processors, but only for a given period of time? It’s not a problem.

High availability

Our cloud servers count on highly resilient systems for hardware and software failures, and power outage. We have a high hardware redundancy that starts automatically when a failure is reported by one of the servers. Thus, we achieve our goal of keeping the services hosted by us available without interference for a longer period.


The cloud follows the Pay As You Go (PAYG) principle, which states that you only pay for the features you actually use. Nothing more, nothing less. The use of features such as processing and storage occur directly on the cloud server, which makes its technological environment more durable. Without the need to invest in equipment, security and upgrades, the resources are concentrated in other areas to add more value to your company. Not to mention the drop in energy bill at the end of the month.

Specialized support

Our team is made up of technology enthusiasts. We are highly qualified to meet your needs, as we are always looking for what is the best and most sophisticated in technology. Our support works remotely, performing calls from a fast and secure access application, simplifying intercurrences.


The cloud is also green. After the period of use of the equipment for large projects, they are withdrawn and reused in smaller projects, making the inoperability and disposal of the machines considerably smaller. Cloud servers reduce carbon emissions, thereby reducing environmental impact and contributing to sustainable development.


Daily backups on all our servers. We ensure the continuity and security of our customers’ data, avoiding any situation that could put their information at risk.


There are more than 100 systems validated, hosted and working in high performance in our servers on Windows and Linux platforms. We only implement in our production environment systems previously approved and in accordance with the operating standards required by our customers.


With cloud, you can access your data and your system from anywhere in the WORLD, in real time and through any device*. You just need an internet connection, and all your company info will be in the palm of your hand.
*Devices need prior approval.

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