You[/caption]You[/caption]You[/caption]You[/caption]A team consisting of folks who are trully and fully in love with technology. EMARTIM was born out of the confidence that cloud computing has the potential to benefit lives in every way, and it is so that we want to share that knowledge with the whole world. Now, we are not just a company. We are an extension of more than 400 companies which bring out the best in us.

The will to join growth with technological progress has brought results. Our work is recognized by our customers and partners with 99% satisfaction. We became cloud experts, but we wanted more. We are always looking for the best technology with professionalism, commitment and happiness. Looking at the growth of our customers, we have also evolved and created a team highly qualified for a new challenge: mobile application development and WEB services. Our quality and reliability have been proved and updated. We are very excited about our new challenges.

However, our firstborn is still what makes our hearts beat stronger.

Happiness is not only to provide a high quality service. It is to be passionate about what we do. It is to believe that all the companies for which we provide our services are an expansion of our own. Our team has evolution as its essence. We seek to transcend the barriers of technology on a daily basis.

Our Mission

To act in the technology field to make the technological demands of our partners accessible and more durable, both to shield their confidential information and to simplify the day to day business, in an extremely transparent and trustworthy way.

Our Vision

We aim to become leader in the storage and data processing market. We are always looking for better and safer technology solutions to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customers’ information. We love what we do, so we carry out our tasks with quality and professionalism way beyond the ordinary.

Our Values

Our values are focused not only on our services, but also on our team. All our relationships are based on professionalism, respect, ethics and trust. All eMartim’s partners share our technology based essence for daily ease, and the belief that evolution makes everything better.

All of this seemed so far away, but as said Thomas Edison:

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

(And we really have been perspiring lately)