Cloud server

Unveil a world of security, stability and ease of access that the cloud server can provide you.
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Mobile development

Open to new concepts for building responsive applications and websites, we challenge ourselves everyday to present the best solution.
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About us

Providing solutions in technology since 2011
We are eMartim

A team consisting of folks who are trully and fully in love with technology. EMARTIM was born out of the confidence that cloud computing has the potential to benefit lives in every way, and it is so that we want to share that knowledge with the whole world. Now, we are not just a company. We are an extension of more than 400 companies which bring out the best in us.

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Our goal

We aim to become leader in the storage and data processing market. We are always looking for better and safer technology solutions to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customers’ information. We love what we do, so we carry out our tasks with quality and professionalism way beyond the ordinary.